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Most of problems facing Postal Service were caused by Congress

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To The Daily Sun,

Issa vs. the Post Office: Another typical Republican who follows the GOP guide lines. Smaller Government, less taxes (for the wealthy) and less regulations. His Postal Reform Bill has less services, you pay for some services, no union negotiations or imput, possible 100,000 layoffs, post office closings and more.

This will NOT work, especially in this day and age where people, in many respects, do NOT need the PO. Almost everything can be done online. The reputation the PO has is that their service is excellent. Since the early 2000s, I have averaged about 600-700 or so packages per year. About 90 percent were under 4 pounds with most envelope sized around 1-2 ounces. So, believe it or not, have had NO claims and maybe less than 10 were "late" — but no serious complaints. The other main advantage the PO has is that they are cheaper than both UPS and FedEx.

The PO does have its share of problems, most of which were created by the Congress by having to fund some programs years in advance. Almost like making you fund your IRA no matter if you have the cash or not. By re-arranging the post office is NOT the way the you creates jobs and stablize an industry. It might be the Willard Romney way, especially with all that money put aside for pensions waiting to be split up, but not by the PO employees, but maybe by somebody else. I would think the PO should be the ones, maybe with some outside help, to solve the problem Congress got them into in the first place. There are a lot of people in every community who rely on the post office so they should be given every opportunity to fix there own problems instead of being forced by a power hungry member of the do nothing Congress.

Most of the following info came from Wikipedia. Oddly enough Issa got his start in the auto alarm system early on by stealing cars all the way up to grand theft. I wonder if he is legally able to vote. This is how Issa made his fortune. He is the richest person in Congress, with a auto security alarm company he worked for. This was Quantum Enterprises and a side company called Steal Stopper. This one he ended up owning after foreclosing on his friend, the owner, who he had lent money to but had missed a payment. He is more like Romney every day. From there the cash came rolling in by devious means, I might add, at least after the fire. But he is a smart guy because BEFORE the fire, he had raised the fire insurance coverage by around 462 percent and had moved all the computers and related material out of the building. The fire was suspicious in nature with accelerates like gasoline found in the area. He wasn't convicted.
Now it was on to politics and after losing his first race in 1998 after spending $11 million of his own money things changed. The districts were re-drawn so from 2002 on he hasn't lost — there is a message in there someplace. He has become the head of some powerful committees and is on a constant witch hunt.

If Issa spent as much time looking for WMD's in Iraq as he has spent trying to ruin Hillary through Benghazi, we NEVER would have gone to war in 10 years ago. He has a one track mind and that is to take down as many Democrats as possible in any way possible. Every time he asks for and gets any sensitive but un-classified high level information, the first thing he does is release it to the media. He makes Snowden look like a saint.

Jon Hoyt