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Regionalization means another layer of unelected government

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To The Daily Sun,

I read with interest Mr. Kimon Koulet's recent column about the Lakes Regional Planning Commission. It seems to me the writing was a propaganda campaign to keep the public in the dark about the truth behind NHRPC's.

"Independent communities also understand the importance of shared responsibility and interdependency." Could it be that he is talking about "regionalization".

Regionalization means another layer of government that is unelected, and unaccountable to We the People. It is a conglomeration of municipalities who are making new laws, then they go back to the local community and say that they are required to bring local laws into line! This is a manipulation. This idea is designed to remove sovereignty from local governments, who have been taking federal grants instead of noticing, they are walking off a "Cliff ". RPC's are working with the federal government and non-profits to entrap the locals, with little input from the citizens!

The whole article is a conscious deception! The use of such words as "attractive", "vibrant", "live, work and play neighborhoods" is found at www.granite state futures.org. This site is the slogan of the NHRPC's. a destructive program to remove individual property rights from the people.

Another quote: "We the people, receive the government and the rules from those we elect and appoint". What is that statement all about? In my heart the government works for We the People. Our elected officials work for We the People. Unelected, appointed people do not make rules and statutes, our elected representatives in the House and Senate are responsible for new laws. NHRPS's are unelected! http://des.nh.gov/organizations/division/water/wmb/repp/documents/ileupt-complete-handbook.pdf

How many people are attending their local planning, selectboard and commissioners meetings? Are you ready to give up everything you've worked for all your life? If you want to retain your GOD-given liberties, you better get down to these meetings, and find out what's going on in your community. This is where it all happens!

Rosemary Landry