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If you don't have to prove a thing you say you've lost credibility

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To The Daily Sun,

Proof: the act of testing for truth, efficacy, or believability. Over the years I've been confronting Mr. Earle on the fabricated stories he has submitted to this forum. Recently, when he asked me to point out his lies, I provided evidence of his most recent three and asked for evidence to refute my allegations. His response was, "No L. J. I don't have to prove a thing." Based on this response, we must assume that the information provided by Earle is not true.

I'd like to see Earle grow through learned conversation, but he would rather let his emotions get the better of him than seek the next logical progression in an argument. He simply speaks to hear his own voice, willfully ignorant that no matter anyone's points of proof, he refuses to see he is wrong. His willful ignorance is futile.

I respect Earle's right to hold and express his political views in this forum, but it's one thing to blather on in the absence of facts, but it's quite another to deliberately ignore evidence because it would interfere with whatever agitprop he happens to feel. At some point, you'd think it would become embarrassing.

When Earle withholds and distorts factual information from readers, and then holds himself to a different standard whereby he doesn't "have to prove a thing", he has lost his credibility. And if his audience doesn't find him to be a credible source, then his message will fall on deaf ears. His unsubstantiated ramblings and rants become nothing more than gossip with talking points attributed to his "trusted" e-mail/blogger buddies.

My letters to this forum are not an attempt to "cover up" for the president, as Earle implies, but to "expose" the lies and disinformation he disseminates to the readers. With that having been said, I'm sure Earle will be relating how I have been "promoting racial division" — or does it come under the heading of "I don't have to prove a thing"?

L. J. Siden