I'll defend Mr. Veverka's right to speech as I would Mr. Demakowski's

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To The Daily Sun,

I have to voice my opposition to William McCoy's letter in the December 28 edition.
First, I am a veteran of over 24 years of active duty military service, and therefore consider myself a contributing American. Secondly, Where did Mr. McCoy obtain his information that 80 percent of Tilton's people are ashamed of James Veverka's writing? Did he conduct a scientific poll, or did he follow established political policy that statistics can be made up to suit the writer's position? While I don't agree with Mr. Veverka's position, I will defend his right to voice his opinion, however skewed, as much as I would John Demakowski's rants from the other extreme. The so-called "moral majority" is neither moral nor a majority, so who's to say who is right or wrong?

Mr. McCoy, just because you agree with Mr. Demakowski's religious diatribe, that doesn't necessarily make the opposition wrong. It's called freedom of speech, Mr. McCoy. What have you done to defend it?

Ron Godbout, CMSgt, USAF, Retired