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Has state conducted any tests of Groton Power Plant this year?

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To The Daily Sun,

What do we know about the Groton Power Plant?
We know it was erected 12 months ago. And we know there's 8,760 hours worth of data that has been collected by Iberdrola and yet the only data we can collect is visual data. Are they spinning or not?
Shouldn't the state be testing the Groton Power Plant to make sure it is compliant. This community deserves answers before taller and taller power plants are built here.
Is the state conducting meetings closed to the public with Iberdrola? Is the state using Iberdrola's test findings? Or is the state conducting its own tests? What tests have they done? Sound? Water? Soil? Wildlife? Shouldn't this data be public knowledge?
Are tests being conducted every month? In all types of weather? In all seasons? At all hours? After all, Groton is the first power plant of many coming to the banks of Newfound Lake. One would think the State of New Hampshire is looking out for it's Lake's Region residents, right?
Despite the promises made by Iberdrola to residents, I now question the state. Has the state refused to act on the behalf of the community? Has the state conducted any tests on the Groton Wind Plant over the past 12 months?
For example, has the state ever tested in the rain or snow? Tested during the different seasons? Leaves up, leaves down? During cold or warm weather? I bring this up because a few neighbors have told me that the turbines are loudest in the rain. Others have told me they are loudest in the winter. While other say they hear a "jet like sound" whenever the wind blows.
Shouldn't the town of Groton have access to the Groton Power Plant data... from both Iberdrola and the state? Before making decisions regarding more taller turbines, the state could, and should, make a genuine effort to listen to those who are harmed, and to do due diligence by seeking truly independent expert advice on behalf of the neighbors.
That would be the fair and right thing to do.
We have lots of questions... So far: we, as a community, don't have a say in them being built, we, as a community, don't get to see any data on them, and we, as a community, aren't being given enough funds to decommission them.
I don't know about the rest of you, but I'd rather have this data done sooner than later..
Ray Cunningham