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Wind towers are mysteriously beautiful, like stars in night sky

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To The Laconia Daily Sun,

A little about myself: Welton Falls and Cardigan Mountain, these were my playgrounds as a child. New Hampshire and its mountains so beautiful.

I'm a person who likes to stay informed of things that concern my environment. I do not promote things that would harm our environment or the beauty of our great state.

I know that to produce electricity they have nuclear plants. These do harm the environment. These plants make radioactive waste that is harmful and remains forever. The method of disposal is to go destroy another piece of property by burying this waste encased in millions of pounds of cement. A rather large hole is needed here. Coal, fuel oil, or jet oil is another source to make power. These however, are caustic and harmful as well. Never mind the devastation left behind from mining or extracting from the earth and the refining process.

Wind towers to me are mysteriously beautiful, kind of like stars in the night sky. I know, now your saying this is a stretch of the imagination comparing the two, but I like to think that the same Divine Spirit that created the stars in the night, also planned out the life and intellect of the person/persons who invented such an amazing machine as the wind tower. My thought is that these towers do hot harm the environment, and they are not offensive. The towers take nothing from us but only borrow the wind as it passes by.

In closing, I would like to thank the company for the thoughtful planning and designs to make these farms safe and the environment a friendly source of power.

I hope some day there will be others that think as I do.

Sandra Hutchins