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Education Tax Credit program is seed that could grow to right our ship

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To The Daily Sun,

In regards to the N.H. Supreme Court case which is an appeal of the ruling that religious schools could not receive scholarship money from N.H.'s Education Tax Credit Program. . . 

In view of the historical evidence that in the passing of the amendment to our Constitution that forbids money raised by taxes to be used for sectarian schools what the people of N.H. were trying to protect was the non-sectarian protestant nature of education in N.H.; and the epic betrayal by the U.S. Supreme Court of the principle and the constitutional guaranty of the free exercise of religion, upon which our nation was built, which consequently has castrated public education of all influence of the abiding faith of the American people, these public schools, of intent, have produced a generation of Americans devoid of faith, ignorant of their heritage and lacking the wisdom, skills and understanding to propagate a free society. As a result of these things we are now on the precipice of receiving judgement from the Almighty, upon whose providence our nation was built.

It would behoove the N.H. Supreme Court to use its constitutional discretion, to not stand in the way of this prudent legislation, which was carefully crafted so as not to run afoul of either our state or federal constitutions. This Education Tax Credit Program legislation is a seed which if allowed to grow could right our ship of state which is now nearly capsized. Of those who are invested with the authority to uphold our Constitution, only a fiend would bar the use of these scholarships for religious schools, a stand which our Constitution does not require.

John Demakowski