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Party loyalty is one thing but this is carrying it to ridiculous extremes

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To The Daily Sun,

The day after Christmas and James Veverka is again pushing his distorted view of all things and persons conservative. Picking out a few right-wing wacko job's quotes does not diminish the overall conservative message, James, because if that's the standard there are 20 to 1 left-wing nuts shooting off their "any means justifies the end" message. Though the Tea Party members of Congress were not smart in their approach there is no doubt that there objectives were justified. Just because Republicans differ in how to deal with the progressive programs in DC doesn't mean it's not a stink pile there. Obamacare is a mess and will be a disaster. The longer it exists the more people get hurt, that is very clear by now no matter how James and the true believers try to deny it.
Notice readers how James avoids any attempt to defend Obamacare's impact on people. He takes the time to tell readers that one left wing group or person patted the back, gave an award or put a star on the paper of another lefty. (Wow, now there's some proof of concept). I also noticed his attempt to down play all the Obama scandals, lies, distortions and overall failures. Party loyalty is one thing but James carries it to ridicules extremes.

On a personal note, I resent his attempt to put words in my mouth, or anyone else's, (a favorite past time of progressives), in this case saying Donald Trump is a hero of mine. I don't recall ever saying that — or perhaps James claims mind reading powers. His point, I guess, is Trump still questions Obama's place of birth. He and L.J. Siden keep bring up that issue but as I've said before, Obama brought that on himself with all the secrets and sealed documents. That line of argument is designed to take the focus off the real issues. I don't know, or care, where the president was born all I'm concerned with is the harm he is doing to the people and nation, all of which is clearly apparent to anyone not indoctrinated into Marxism. Nice try, James.
Steve Earle