Can't say enough about quality of care my wife received at LRGH

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To The Daily Sun,

My family and I have received the best Christmas gift ever. My wife Mary and the mother of our children is home for Christmas.
In early December she wasn't feeling well. She had severe stomach pains and could not eat. I took her to see her primary caretaker, Lisa Morrissette, ARNP. who once she examined Mary sent her to the emergency room at Lakes Region General Hospital. A few hours later she was admitted to the hospital and there for several days, until the problem was resolved.
A few days later the problem reoccurred and she was once again taken to the ER. Later that day she under went emergency surgery. She had adhesions in her stomach which prevented her from digesting her food. She was released from LRGH last Thursday.
Mary and I cannot say enough about the care she received from the staff at the ER, the fourth floor and first floor nursing staffs. We especially want to thank Dr. Christopher Weinmann, her surgeon. Dr Tajammul Shafique, who looked after her when Dr. Weinmann was out of town and Lisa Morrissette, ARNP.
Thank you to each and every one who had a part in caring for her. It is greatly appreciated.
I also want to thank our neighbors Brenda, Jennifer and Andrew for providing with several meals while Mary was hospitalized.

Gordon D. King