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Objective of Obamacare is not health insurance, it is control

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To The Daily Sun,
Almost daily we find another way that Obamacare hurts people.
Because of Obamacare, millions fewer people will be insured in January 2014 than in January 2013. (About six million policies have been cancelled. About 1.1 million Obamacare exchange sign-ups.) Next year it is expected that 80 million existing policies will be cancelled. (And President Obama knew this in 2010.)
Many previously insured people with cancer or other terrible disease struggle to find new doctors and/or treatments. Some face agonizing choices of foregoing treatments or impoverishing their family.
Obamacare exchange users may get nasty surprises. Obamacare insurance has high deductibles and limited access to doctors, hospitals, drugs, etc. Treatments outside one's home area (e.g., while vacationing or at top hospitals like the Mayo Clinic) often aren't covered. Patients may be forced to less effective drugs or pay the full price (not counted towards their deductible). Obamacare will drive more people into bankruptcy than ever before.
Healthcare.gov's slowness and outages are just its obvious problems. Policies for people who think they have signed-up have been erased, altered, or not delivered to insurance companies. People are being incorrectly charged or not charged, meaning they probably aren't insured. There will be many nasty surprises when people need medical care.

Healthcare.gov contains very personal information and is a rich target for identity theft. But its security problems are extensive and may not be fixable. Poorly trained and inadequately vetted Obamacare "navigators" access people's personal information. Some navigators encourage people to submit fraudulent applications. Many people will suffer.
Obamacare upended our whole health care system and harmed many millions of Americans just to insure a few previously uninsured Americans (5-10 percent of our population). This wasn't necessary.
But Obamacare's real objective is not to insure people; it is to increase the size of government and its control of our lives. Progressives feel that the suffering and early deaths that Obamacare causes is worth it as long as Democrats increase their control of government and people. As George Maloof tells us, "the end justifies the means".
Most Americans know that "the end justifies the means" is immoral and un-American.
It is time that Americans reject big government and its "solutions" like Obamacare. Americans must reject the people, Democrats, who justify hurting people because it helps them achieve their big government utopia where Democrat "Masterminds" determine how people should live, for their own good of course.
Americans need to elect conservatives if they wish to return our country to the path of freedom, opportunity, and prosperity which will make our nation and the world a better place for ourselves and future generations.
Don Ewing