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70% of Americans now believe Obama knowingly lied to them

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To The Daily Sun,

As 2013 heads to the history books, it's the perfect time to look back. Barack Obama, our nations first black president is finishing his 5th year in office. He was elected in 2008 to much hype, hope and enthusiasm declaring his presidency would be transformative in every respect. First, and foremost he promised to change the smoke filled, back-room politics of how Washington had conducted business for the past 100 years. Second, he promised to UNITE and heal the festering, economic and social wounds that have been increasing for several years in America. What does Obama's report card look like after half decade in office?
1. Today, only 38 percent of Americans think our countries best years are ahead of it. 48 percent think they are in the rear view mirror. The most pessimistic numbers ever revealed.
2. Today only 26 percent of Americans believe the next generation will be better off. 68 percent are certain they will have it worse. The most pessimistic numbers ever revealed.
3. 74 percent of Americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction. A number that has only increased over the last several years.
4. The failure of our political system to meet the peoples most basic needs has driven the public's confidence in government to an all time low of 12 percent in the latest Quinnipiac Poll.
5. 64 percent of Americans believe there is not an equal chance for them to get ahead. How to fix that? The poll is split evenly. 46 percent want freer markets, 45 percent want more government.
There are many other poll facts and statistics regarding Obama's performance as well as the health of country both economically and socially. They all paint the very same, bleak picture of a president who has simply FAILED TO DELIVER based on the the promises HE MADE, and NO ONE ELSE. This is extremely important distinction. OBAMA made these promises to the masses across, America time and time again, in more speeches delivered by any candidate for president in all of history. In fact it has been said the man can never stop talking or making speeches. Of course Americans have come to discover he is a very ineffectual leader and an even worse negotiator. Abilities that are crucial for any successful leader any place. There is a grand canyon of difference between charisma and leadership skills. There is an greater difference between orating a VISION and delivering one.
No report card on Obama could be complete with out a review on Obamacare. Obama, the man who proclaimed to detest smokey, back-room, slime-ball, sausage-style law making, enacted his signature legislation in the black of night, with 100 percent Democratic votes, using arcane Senate rules, while offering overt bribes for FIVE critical votes needed for the laws passage. The real Obama had been REVEALED right then and there. The sweet-looking innocent girl, cloaked in a long skirt, high neck blouse with a twinkle in her eye, whose lips had never felt four letter words, was in fact the Mayflower Madam. Time has only revealed not only did we have a hooker but a lying hooker as well. Tens of Millions of people have been duped straight in the eye by Obama. Tens of millions will lose their current insurance policies and their health relationships. Tens of millions more will be forced to pay much higher insurance rates. Millions more will pay for policy features they do not want or will ever use, and almost everyone will face huge bankrupting deductibles under Obamacare. The average young couple will have to pay for the delivery of a new baby almost entirely out of their own pockets.

Obama now endures the LOWEST job approval ratings of his presidency including the young adults that had long backed him. It seems they OPPOSE getting stiffed to pay for the SICK. Any surprise there? More than 70 percent of Americans believe Obama INTENTIONALLY and KNOWINGLY lied to them with the specific intent to deceive regarding the ability to keep their insurance. Barack Obama has diluted the prestige and status of the office of president of the United States. Obama's grade? An "F" from me —  a with a footnote to parents: YOUR son is a bold faced, LIAR... suggest he look for employment as con man.
Tony Boutin