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There can be inverse relationship between intelligence & wisdom

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To The Daily Sun,
Many of the letters published by this paper cause me angst, and I hope those of mine cause both plaudits and outrage. Too often I am tempted to respond, but by the time I have cooled to the point where I could make a reasoned response, some new outrage takes my attention.
In this instance, Mr. Danforth's letter (12/18) moved me to write. Basically. I agree with what he has written. How could I object to his favorable reference to my son, Chan. However, I do have a quibble with his use of the word "intelligence". Intelligence is an innate quality given at birth and barring accident it can be honed by diligent study or blunted by inapt instruction or by boredom. Two other aspects of humanness are insight and wisdom. I am not equipped to discuss insight. Perhaps it is a stray gamma ray that causes some synapses to be connected with no willful input.
Wisdom, however, is most often a product of life experience and acute observation. I have known "old souls" wise beyond their years. I consider myself to have "puppy dog wisdom". That is, I make a mess and Mother Nature rubs my nose in it. After a few repetitions it occurs to me that I shouldn't do that anymore. I assume that wisdom is allocated on the ubiquitous bell curve between the two extremes.
There can be an inverse relationship between intelligence and wisdom. A superior intellect can allow a person to be deluded and delude others to believe his messes are not his fault. "It's Bush's fault."
Dale P. Eddy