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Supporting broken education system in no one's best interest

To The Daily Sun,
In this beautiful Christmas season, when good will and cheer is supposed to be the focus, as the good lord would intend us to do, my husband and I, along with some others, have recently been the target of blame on Facebook, for the closing of the ACS, of all things! Mr. Dube, who once ran unsuccessfully for school board, began an open, public, conversation about the carbon monoxide poisoning of students and apparently some staff earlier this week. In his post he writes about several folks and lists their initials, referring to them as the " dark side of the force in town". And they say women are dramatic?

Another "Gentleman", Mr Ingoldsby, who was "let go" from being employed at the school, jumped in to name names and that's when we were mentioned, along with some others. Apparently we are all to blame for the school shutting down. In 2011, Mr. Ingoldsby sent a lengthy letter to the Budget Committee blaming the administration for the condition of the school, stating "he was told to not maintain it while he worked there". Today, it's all our fault. We are not surprised to hear the negativity from these two "gentlemen". Nor were we surprised to see Krista Argiropolis jump on board with a blatant lie, stating "Having no ventilation is not good, to say the least". This statement from an elected official, who was directly involved in obtaining two official inspections of ACS in 2012, and both inspection reports revealed there were no safety or health concerns — including with the ventilation, which does exist. Another upstanding citizen, Pam McLeod, director of technology at ACS, jumped into this online conversation. Not only discussing the carbon monoxide situation, she discussed her son's behavior in class with a substitute, Ms. Street, who also entered into the mix.

Parent's can't enter ACS freely any more "to protect the students" but, who is protecting the student's privacy from substitutes and administrator's Facebook chatter? But, hey, the rules and laws are for other people, right, Pam? Ms. McLeod state she believes the ventilation is the "biggest health issue facing our students/staff" and is "personally disappointed" with no plan to address the situation.This from an administrator, also involved in the whole health and safety concern blitz last year.

My husband and I, and others are called cheap, meaning we didn't vote for an $18 million dollar school expansion project. It's interesting that those pointing fingers don't realize the citizens of this town voted that project down, and we all have ONE vote each. Hmmm... perhaps they aren't grasping that to vote in support of a broken educational system, heavily laden with administration, which is suspected of purposely letting the building get run down in an effort to manipulate the taxpayers, is not ever in the best interests of the students, staff or tax payers. There is one good thing about Facebook. It's absolutely transparent as to the nature of people and their comments.

We won't let these ill meaning comments get us down and wish EVERYONE a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Barbara & Ray Howard


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