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Obama had no foreign policy experince or knowledge. Who knew?

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To The Daily Sun,

Seems the president is having problems with, of all people, Democratic senators, suddenly. With his latest foreign policy snafu, Obama wants to ease sanctions on Iran for the privilege of letting them pull the wool over his eyes. Not much of a trick really as we conservatives noted six years ago, Obama had no foreign policy experience or even knowledge. Seems he has a learning disorder also. Even the otherwise loyal senators know we can't trust the clerics who rule Iran. What a shock — but only those who have been buried in video games or something for several decades didn't know that. Still stubbornly Obama and Harry Reid are refusing to even allow debate or decent to be heard. Nothing new there, Obama thinks he was elected king and can rule by dictate but people are getting sick of that too.

Another bump in the president's road to glory are a couple of federal judges ruling against the administration and the NSA's invasion of American's privacy, which is the one bipartisan agreement by Republicans and Democrats. I don't think he will have a bump free 2014 given the number of Democrats running as fast as they can away from Obamacare. By the way, I'm going to continue calling it Obamacare in spite of an effort by some liberals to label the term racist. Funny, they keep doing things like that, remember when they tried to make the name Chicago racist? Recently I heard a liberal on TV say it was bad to say the president was a socialist. Heck it's not like the word socialist is an offensive description like calling someone a racist. They just think they can bully people into not speaking out if they utter the word racist. People are getting wise to that too and it's not going to work anymore.
Steve Earle