Good folks up in this neck of the woods & I have story to prove it

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To The Daily Sun,

On December 9, I spun out on a slick Route 3, just south of Plymouth, forcefully interfacing with a guard rail, which kept me out of the river.

I didn't have the Plymouth PD's non-emergency number, my cell phone's 411 is a joke, so I very reluctantly called 911. Those wonderful people immediately passed on my info to the PPD, who responded expeditiously and who skillfully kept traffic moving. I cannot quite praise enough the lieutenant and the patrol officer; the young lady checked on my welfare and was very polite during the gather of information for the accident report. She and the lieutenant were both upbeat towards me.

AAA had already dispatched Bailey Hill Recovery, and the young driver was a genius, lifting the front end over the guardrail and preparing for the lift onto his rap. On the trip to the repair shop, he was polite and very friendly. Can't praise George Kirk enough for hiring driver Jeremy. God was good to me that day, as always.

Good folks up in this neck of the woods, including those who stopped to help.

Bill Carberry