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Fox News says you can buy food stamps on eBay but they're wrong

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To The Daily Sun,
The GOP is up to its old games again. If you have something it is to much, so they want you to give most of it back before you get spoiled. For some reason, being fiscally responsible people, they would rather give you some form of welfare or food stamps than a fair wage. They can control the welfare or subsidies and cut it at any time they want to. They also can control the loopholes for corporate CEO's tax purposes. This is a win-win when it comes time for PAC donations. By the time all the voting districts are re-drawn there will be no stopping them. Once they get back in power it will be REAL hard to get them out. So, if you actually feel the GOP will help you then Gov Christie has a job on his bridge for you.

The GOP has been drooling over the entitlement programs for years. They would love to get control of that. But . . . hopefully with the budget bill signed something good will come of it. The vets get shortchanged with their benefits and all those out of work have lost unemployment compensation. Who will win the reinstatement of benefits race first? The GOP has already said it will fight against extending unemployment because, as Rand Paul read someplace, 26 weeks is long enough. Anytime longer than that takes all the incentive to eat away. Then there is the farm bill that still hasn't passed yet. Outside of trying to cut billions from SNAP — its that eating thing again — there is also all that extra cash given to members of Congress. It's about $238K given to 15 members of the House and Senate. Thirteen are R's and two are D's. I also read someplace that 74 percent of the subsidies go to 4 percent, while 60 percent get nothing. The farm bill would be easy to pass if both SNAP and these extra payouts were taken out.

Fox News says you can buy food stamps on eBay but as usual they are wrong. At least you can't buy any usable food stamp coupon or cards but only expired, or empty booklet or tokens. They are collectable somewhat like postcards or any other novelty. They have no cash value as far as food goes but some are quite valuable as a novelty item. So, instead of believing all Fox says, do like Reagan said — trust but verify.

On another note, you might want to beware what the GOP BIG THREE write in every week. I'm talking about Ewing, Earle and Boutin, who probably get e-mails every week from Reince and the Koch Brothers along with a paycheck. In reality all you have to do is change every D to an R and the reality begins. The truth is usually the opposite of what they say.

Jon Hoyt