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White on black racism is no longer a problem in this country

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To The Daily Sun,

Oh my goodness L.J. Siden, if Rosa Parks were alive, she would throw you in the back of the bus and wash your mouth out with soap. You sir, seem so full of progressive poppycock and covered with the liberal disease known as "white guilt", that I fear you know not what you do or what you say. At least when it comes to the issue of racism. You end your recent letter by asserting, "we can't talk about it honestly, because that would mean it EXISTS". Did Bob Meade say that it didn't exist in his column? No he didn't. However, you were happy to paint a bigoted picture about Bob and perhaps others on the right when you said, "but he still experiences privilege based on his white skin color". You silly, silly, arrogant and misguided man.

You also jumped to a mammoth conclusion, like a kangaroo hopped up on methamphetamines. Because Bob noted that Oprah's show was a great success, in no small part because of a large white, female audience, you concluded: it meant placing success of people of color at the feet of white people. Thus taking away their power of self-determination and that any criticism of Oprah Winfrey (and also Barack Obama) "is still about white control". You silly, silly, pompous and guilt-ridden man, shimmering with progressive paradoxes. How else to explain your baseless name calling? I believe that those white females were lying, adoringly at the feet of Oprah, a deservedly, rich and successful woman.

Yes, there are right wing bloggers and a handful of radio hosts who show racist intent as you imply. They are on the fringe of society and have been for some time. Contrast that with Chris Mathews and most of the rest of the MSNBC gang who constantly bang the drum of racism for any perceived criticism of our POTUS. How about Alan Grayson (D) who keeps on claiming that the tea party is akin to the Ku Klux Klan despite absolutely no evidence. I believe it was the Democrat party who embraced former klansman Robert Byrd rather than any right wingers. Woodrow Wilson was also a huge fan of the Ku Klux Klan and he was a right, no a left wing progressive president of the Democrat Party. An elitist intellectual who knew better how people should live their lives. Sound familiar? Eugenics, racial theory and civil service segregation were progressive ideals to wholeheartedly embrace, according to our 28th President. Oh, I could come up with so much more and what have you got L.J.? A bunch of bloggers and a couple radio hosts. And by the way, what radio hosts Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh have to say is so mild in comparison to what progressive politicians and the mainstream media have to say regarding racism. Their comments are often deliberately taken out of context to make them appear racist. Neither one of those two hosts is racist. Much better examples might include Ed Schultz, Martin Bashir or Al Sharpton of, no surprise, MSNBC.

Wall Street Journal's James Taranto puts it in true perspective,
"Racism is dead, and it's killers were heroes. Nostalgia for racism lives on in the imagination of liberals who only wish they could be so heroic". Victor Davis Hanson observes, "we have devolved to the point where promiscuously crying 'bigot' and 'racist' signals a failure to persuade 51 percent of the people of the merits of an argument."

Dozens of examples have pointed out the hypocrisy and damage caused by the progressive policies of the Democrat Party. One recent example is the school voucher program in D.C. which gave a tremendous opportunity for poor, black inner city children to escape "Uncle Sam's Plantation" (Star Parker) by getting a quality education. Who killed that program? Liberal, progressive Democrats who condescendingly remind them that they just will not succeed without their special brand of government help. Check out the documentaries, "Waiting for Superman" or "Runaway Slave". Or you might check out the books, "Blacklash", by Deneen Borelli and "Blackwards", by Ron Christie. You might even enlighten your guilt ridden load by viewing Walter Williams', "Proclamation of Amnesty and Pardon for People of European Descent". I have already done most of the above and have been carrying on an honest conversation about race in this paper for about four years now. It's amazing how ridding myself of white guilt has allowed me to have a clearer and more rational focus regarding race relations.

The bottom line is that liberal policies, by and large, have become more unpopular due to the continued failure of "Great Society" programs despite trillions spent. Progressives can no longer win an argument on logic, facts and results. So what do they do? They scream "RACIST" louder and louder.

A perfect example of that has just now been thrust upon our consciousness by the sheer desperation of the latest and greatest progressive Democrat policy. Now, even saying "Obamacare" is considered racist according to Melissa Harris-Perry, writer, professor, TV host and political commentator. She specializes in African-American studies. With an absurd comment such as that, I have no doubt that while teaching "black studies", she has promoted the poisonous take on race that teaches black students to assume a sense of aggrieved victimhood. L.J. would want examples, so I am happy to oblige. Shannon Gibney, a black English comp teacher at a Minneapolis community college, would often remind her white students that they are racist. A group of black students at UCLA, imbued with the "victim status" belief, protested Val Rust, a white education teacher, for the alleged crime of correcting their grammar and attempting to teach them the proper use of the English language. Bruce Bawer sadly points out, "racists used to try to keep black people from being educated; now people who actually seek to educate black students — as opposed to reciting victimhood mantras — are tagged as racists". Kind of takes you aback doesn't it. Well, no more taken aback than Ron Christie was when after tutoring a 2nd or 3rd grade student for awhile, the young child looked at the well dressed and well spoken Mr. Christie and asked him if it was okay to look and act like a white person. That was in Ron's book, "Acting White: The Curious History of a Racial Slur". I have that book, if you would like to borrow it.

So L.J., you can go ahead and try and turn Bob Meade's superb column on its' head with your insanely twisted logic. Well, it's just not going to work. In the spirit of the Christmas and Hanukkah holidays, let me help you out. SOCIALISM has never worked and never will. Throwing out the RACISM card every time a progressive policy is criticized will no longer work and disgraces the good name of MLK. You want to have an honest discussion L.J. Siden? Then you might start by acting like a mature adult and really have some healthy talk about race relations. Perhaps you can knock off the juvenile, amateur psychoanalysis of letter writers who disagree with your opinion. Whadaya say L.J., okay?

It is my belief that the United States is no longer a racist nation. Notably, white on black racism is no longer the problem. Using the term "racism" to bludgeon the opposition and stifle free and honest conversations is the disease that has sickened the body of human discourse. The lefts use of this tactic has trivialized the good fight that has been waged and won by people of all colors from the Civil War to the civil rights movement and beyond. Do you really want to talk honestly about racism L.J?. Then bring it on, but come prepared to be challenged when you bring forth an altered and wholly cynical look at American history.

A hat tip to Aaron Gee, American Thinker, Ben Shapiro, Townhall.com, Daniel Greenfield and Bruce Bawer of frontpagemag.com for some of the content of this letter.

Russ Wiles