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Selectmen just digging into county's less than candid presentation

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To The Daily Sun,

One reads the letter signed by Meg Hempel in the December 18 edition of The Sun with a sense that what is required, both in budgets and opinion writing, is reasonably full disclosure. I too was at this December 16 meeting and did not witness any rudeness on the part of the Gilmanton Selectboard to anyone.

The selectmen stated their position that they would like to keep the position of working fire chief just that: working, as opposed to administrative only. "Give us two shifts a week and we'll be happy" was the position of the selectmen.

The rudeness on display came not from the selectmen but from the GilmantonFireman's Association, which arrived en masse in an apparent attempt to bully the board into submission to their wishes.

What I saw at this meeting was three open and honest, hard-working people doing their best to represent the interests ofall of the people in town. Perhaps it would be well if Ms. Hempel described herself as the wife of the fire chief in question.

As to the budgetary discussions engendered by the visit of a representative of the Belknap Commission, let me say that the alternative to digging into the Commission's less than candid presentation is to roll over and play dead.

Kudos to the Gilmanton selectmen for their hard work on behalf of the ordinary citizen.

Rep. Richard B. Burchell
Belknap 5 - Gilmanton