Apparently those wind turbines don't work so well in cold weather

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To The Daily Sun,

Ray Cunningham mentioned in his latest letter to The Sun the fickleness of the wind in regards to the operation of the Groton wind farm. Apparently the turbines have a cold temperature shut of as well. For the past week or so, The Lakes Region has been dealing with temps from -10f to +15f and it's not even technically winter yet. Seems to me the demand for energy would be pretty high under these conditions. Thankfully N.H.'s own home grown power has kept the lights on and us warm while the ugly, stark white prima-donnas could not contribute. They have not turned a single revolution for a week because it's too cold for them to work. The temperature is going to go up this week so we'll probably see them turn again to contribute the pathetically meager output they're capable of.

And we need them why?

Pete Wirth