Have Huot Center students use Hathaway House as a project

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To The Daily Sun,

I feel really bad for those people standing out in front of the Dunkin' Donuts on Union Ave. in all this cold when this problem could be fixed so easily. He blatantly lied about fixing the Hawthorne House in order to get his permit to open the new store next to the house.

If the City of Laconia hasn't got the you know what to rescind his permit for this store, then the only thing left for this person who has proved his/her word is no good, could save face and money, which is really what this greedy matter is all about, he/she could block all the windows and hire the hazardous waste people to remove the asbestos and then have the Hout Center boys and girls use this house as a learning project. This part of the high school is a trade school. This has been done before if you remember out on Parade Road where they built a house from the ground up. It would be a win-win situation.

Bev Buker