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Look at gulags in Chicago & Detroit to see result of collectivism

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To The Daily Sun,

Article 6-b of the New Hampshire State Constitution reads: (Use of Lottery Revenues Restricted to Educational purposes) "All Moneys received from a state-run lottery and all interest received on such moneys shall, after deducting the necessary costs of administration, be appropriated and used exclusively for the purpose of state aid to education and shall not be transferred or diverted to any other purpose." ( November 6, 1990.)

Now! My Websters Dictionary states that exclusively is defined as, "Intended for the sole use and purpose of a single individual or group". The word sole redefines exclusive as " the only one".
The New Hampshire Lottery Commision reported in 2011 that 27 percent of lotto revenues were contributed to the education system. On my Property Tax is one line for "School Tax". On another line is "State Education Tax".

It appears to me that some of our representatives have violated their oath of office. When Jeanne Shaheen was governor of New Hampshire she stated that the state lottery revenues go into the "General Fund". That is in violation of our State Constitution. I am quite sure that most people who buy lottery ticket do not know that nearly three quarters of the money they spend to support education disappears into a General Fund void.

Dale Channing Eddy of Gilford touched on another transfer of tax revenues on gasoline to unrelated areas. Bob Meade's article "hand out or hand up?" shed light on some important issues that once worked and some principles implemented now that will haunt us for decades.

Tim French of Gilford laid out some interesting facts in the Wednesday, December 11 Laconia Daily Sun. They are sad but true.

Russ Wiles wrote an interesting article on Madison Root, an 11 year old who wants to work hard and make it. She plans to work very hard at her goals. No victim ideology there. What a great example she is and will be. Thank you Russ for your article.

We have only to look at the gulags in Chicago and Detroit to see the outcome of collectivism. You can redistribute the wealth for only so long. You cannot redistribute intelligence, it comes through years of hard work and study. That is one reason we as a nation is in such a dismal stage in our existence. Fortunately there are many who have fled the plantations created by the state. Those who's only gift is talk have never gained experience to say much.

Gene F. Danforth