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These personal experiences aren't possible in mall or at big stores

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To The Daily Sun,

Christmas is drawing near and many people put thought into where they invest their money. There are many benefits for those who choose to support their community by shopping locally.
This past weekend, Wolfeboro was even lovelier than usual to shop. Thanks to the Chamber of Commerce and their efforts to make last weekend a community open house.
As I was buying a signed copy of Karel Hayes' latest book at the Country Bookseller, we were treated to some carolers dressed from the time of Charles Dickens.
Miss New Hampshire and Miss Lakes Region came by as well, also treating customers to a song.
The dancers from an upcoming performance of The Nutcracker stopped by Sprouts and gave a sampling of what is to come.
Shopping locally, however, is about more than being entertained or meeting the author who wrote the book I am buying. It is about the friends we meet on the street as we shop and the familiar faces of our community.
For me the joy comes when I see a little girl I know with her dad at Nordic Skier buying her first pair of cross county skis. It is bumping into my daughter's favorite high school teacher on the street with her mother and two boys.
I love walking in Gatherings by Stellaloona and seeing the ladies in silly santa hats handing out cookies to customers, while a drama student of mine is strumming the guitar and singing Christmas carols in the background.
It is fun to tell Sarah Copplestone at Artisans Corner which knitting bowl to tell my husband I want when I send him in to shop for me.
These experiences are not possible in the mall or big box stores. They are what make a community home and what makes a town special.

Elizabeth Cantrall

New Durham