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Obama's policies have increased, not decreased, income gap

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To The Daily Sun,

Nick Vazzana's letter of December 14 claims Republicans have changed since 1860.
But, like in the 1860s, Republicans are fighting Democrat policies which enslave Americans. Democrat (progressive) policies lead to economic slavery by locking students in bad schools that don't adequately prepare them, by destroying jobs (via excessive regulations and taxation), and by increasing peoples' living costs (e.g., food, energy, insurance, medical care, taxes).
President Obama's policies have increased, not reduced, the gap between rich and poor! More Americans are in poverty than ever before. Progressive policies hurt people!
Vazzana complains about Republican investments. Grassroots Republicans only approve of investments that benefit the vast majority of Americans. Most beneficiaries of Democrat "investments" are the people or groups that help Democrat politicians stay in power, i.e., rich donors and special interest groups.
The "investments" (bailouts) for the financial institutions, GM, and Chrysler resulted in major transfers of wealth from middle and low-income Americans to the rich and special interests (mostly supporting Democrats). Taxpayers lost about $12 billion on the car company bailouts although the companies went bankrupt anyway (showing that bankruptcies don't mean the loss of all jobs).
President Obama's "investments" in many technology companies went to political donors, were high risk, and are likely to lose taxpayer money, like the $500 million Solyndra "investment". Many "investments", like high-speed rail and alternate electricity generation companies, will always require subsidies, like the Postal Service and Amtrak, or increasing customer costs.
All government spending needs scrutiny because progressive policies have already put our nation in a precarious financial position. Our national debt, a small fraction of our nation's gross domestic product (GDP) in 1860, now exceeds our GDP and our total obligations exceed six times our GDP. Our nation's interest cost is a large budget item and could become a major problem.
The charge that Republicans want the country to go bankrupt is an often repeated, total lie told by people wanting continued reckless spending. Currently there is more than enough money to pay our debt obligations.
Everyone, President Obama, former Treasury Secretary Geitner, economists, etc., agrees that our enormous deficit spending cannot be sustained. Yet only Republicans are trying to save the American people, especially the poor and middle-income Americans, from the harm caused by the inevitable, excessive debt caused, disaster.
If you want good opportunities, freedom, and prosperity for yourself, your children and future generations, then you need to support conservatives. Only conservatives have been fighting for the policies that ensure a free and prosperous future, policies that create a rapidly growing private sector with good jobs producing goods and services that Americans and people around the world purchase.
Don Ewing