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Some questions about the new WRSD teachers' union contract

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To The Daily Sun

Some questions about the proposed Winnisquam Regional School District teachers' contract:

Our school board must do a better job keeping us (taxpayers) informed about goings-on in the district. The front page article highlighting the tentative WRSD teachers contract negotiations left a great many questions unanswered. Since we would all benefit hearing directly from the "horses mouth," I am hoping that the board chairman, Mike Gagne, will directly answer the following questions:
1. What reason(s) does the WRSD school board have for requiring taxpayers to allocate more money for district salary and benefits?
2. What evidence do you have that WRSD has a difficult time filling teaching positions that justifies this agreement?
3. What evidence do you have supporting the idea that we have a hard time retaining teachers BECAUSE of salary?
4. Do we have difficulty filling some positions more than others, and if so, why not tailor a contract solution that addresses that specific challenge?
5. Does the board feel our teachers are staying employed too long and is that why we need a $6,000 incentive to retiring teachers?
6. Did the board do a cost-benefit analysis replacing higher-paid experienced teachers with lower-paid learning teachers?
7. And finally, assuming you don't have the data, why did you agree to a contract that takes more money from the district's taxpayers?

These are just a few of the questions taxpayers might consider important as they await their tax bill calculations and the district meeting.

Greg Hill