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Voicing 'opinions' as truth, without proof, is same as fabrication

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To The Daily Sun,

While I can understand why Earle would be discomforted by the mention of "birthers", considering the embarrassment they brought upon themselves and the Republican Party, he is well aware that they are alive and well and have redirected their efforts to a new conspiracy I have referred to as the Transcript Disorder.

The notion that any Obama record is "sealed" is false. Research will show, that the word "sealed", when applied to documents refers to records that would normally be public information, but that a judge has ruled cannot be released without the court's permission. These supposedly "sealed" (they like the term "sealed" because it makes it appear so much more sinister) records that Earle refers to, are private documents that Obama hasn't released — and as I've stated before, other presidents haven't released them either.

It is public knowledge that President Obama graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law School and was elected president of the law review, which should make it clear that he obtained good grades and really didn't have a difficult time graduating. Graduating with honors is granted to undergraduate students who achieve high grade point averages. To obtain the honor of graduating Magna Cum Laude, one must obtain a grade point average of 3.65 to 3.79. This may vary slightly from school to school. So, for Obama to claim a 3.7 gpa is well within the whelm of possibility.

I would hope that Earle would enlighten us with his conspiracy theory as to how Obama could be elected president of the Harvard Law Review, considered the most prestigious law reviews in the country, as the first black president in its 104-year history. The position is considered the highest position at Harvard Law School.

Earle insists that I point out his various lies. Most recently, his lies have been to claim the President defrauded Columbia and Harvard, that the administration has six American Islamic activists working for them that are Muslim Brotherhood operatives, and closer to home, that I get my information from MSNBC. He continues to justify these lies by claiming they are his "personal views", or a "difference of opinion." While I recognize his "personal views" and respect his "difference of opinion", Earle doesn't seem to understand that when voicing these "views" and "opinions" as truth, without proof, they are considered fabrications. He submits these concocted "views" and "opinions" often, not knowing whether or not they are actually true — false statements made with the intent to deceive. Earle's lame defense for this misinformation is that he relies on a "blog site he trusts", his "reliable sources", and the "accuracy" of others. It would be enlightening if Earle could support his contentions with facts and appropriate sources to substantiate his claims. Lacking this information, we must conclude that his statements are manufactured. I would caution Earle not to equate "lack of proof" as "proof."

Another observation I'd like to make, is that centrist independents now determine election outcomes, and no one that can rub two healthy brain cells together is buying the various conspiracy theories which emanate from the far right.

L. J. Siden