Thanks for your support of the St. James Church Christmas Fair

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To The Daily Sun,
On behalf of the Women's Guild of St. James Episcopal Church, I would like to thank the people that were instrumental in the success of our recent Christmas Fair. Because we have recently sold St. James building to the Boys and Girls Club we were afraid people might not know where we are located. Our concerns were unfounded because local people came to our aid and spread the word that the congregation of St. James Episcopal is alive and well and sharing space at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church on Parade Road.

Thanks to Stafford Oil, American Eyecare, Carole Johnson, Rose Nyatsambo, Sheila Akerstrom, Betty Lacroix and Judy Farr for raffle prizes; Bob Meade for articles for the papers, Taylor Community for the use of their sign, Lou Gaynor of HATT who made the chowder for our luncheon, Karin Salome and Carole Johnson for hosting craft groups in their homes, the members of the youth group who waited table and all of the members
of St James who volunteered their skills, time and talents to make the fair a success.

Karen Vliet, Secretary

St. James Women's Guild