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Dig deep & step out of your comfort zones; be a part of the solution

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To The Daily Sun,

To those who may have any concern:
I think its great that opinionated citizens can voice that which may be on their hearts and minds, via the "Daily Sun." All to regularly I read about the national level concerns, or issues that don't directly concern our community. I've been reading "letters to the editor," as long as I can remember. I find others thought and opinions to be "thought provoking, and intriguing."
There are so many large scale issues that are voiced regularly. They usually concern the president, governing entities, and or policies and laws. Outside of voicing and or complaining through the usage of the "Daily Sun," I would like to know "What individuals are doing to create and initiate CHANGE?"
I'm a firm believer that one easier can "point the finger;" and try to orchestrate what "another," or "something else" can do and should do?
The issue still remains, one cannot "make" anyone do anything at any time or agree to anything at any time!
At that point it is only the initiator of the thought and opinion that can change! The change usually entails how one perceives, reacts, behaves, or agrees to disagree with the topic or concern that has been voiced.
I would like to see a day set aside where locals can voice/discuss issues/topics of the community that are concerning and or pleasant. I do see people utilizing this option, by far it is NOT often enough. Despite what is transpiring nationally or locally, "being grateful in all things" seems to be an lost art!
More often than not I read ones opinion and it comes across as complaining, or bitter. Even I know, that whether I agree or disagree with principalities and entities put in place above me, there is a level of respect that I am OBLIGATED to reflect and give. Especially in the case of our president, I don't agree with a lot of what has transpired in his presidency but his position as president calls for and requires respect. Ranting and raving about him in a negative or disrespectful manner is wrong! It is not creating any change or opportunity for change.
I would like to see opinions on local issues more widely discussed so we can put our minds together to work towards and create the changes needed to be a successful community.
After living here in Laconia for the better part of 40 years, seeing and experiencing changes in the community, and being able to identify with ALL walks of life good and bad; I know I have something to offer. I know I can add a voice for a lot of people who don't feel they have one and or haven't learned how to use it. There are so many local issues that are disturbing, disheartening, and just plain "OVERLOOKED." I want to initiate change, and with the experiences I've endured I have the upper hand in educating those who are ignorant, or choose not to even care.
Discussing concerns of the local young and poor, pregnant and single, addicted and criminally inclined, homeless and struggling takes a level of compassion and understanding that most seem to lack? If we want to see this community change for the better and well-being of others; it is TIME TO TAKE THE TIME to really understand what's actually taking place. The issues of the heart, and what our part is to help or to rectify the situation. Sometimes situations even require you be the bigger person, even when you don't want to. In whatever situations I have found myself in, it IS a kind gesture, encouraging word, an open heart, or a given and undeserved opportunity that has provided the hope for me to continue and try to do my best. It IS absolutely being looked-down on, profiled, stereotyped, ignored, ridiculed, unaffirmed, voiceless and finally invincible "that fuels the flame" to the concerning breakdowns that increasingly are getting worse and plaguing our community.
So I want to pick others brains, discuss my experiences, and educate so we may work together and take responsibility for what is or isn't taking place, and CHANGE will naturally enforce itself.
Unfortunately what the "lost, oppressed, depressed, afflicted and or addicted" need is NOT to be passed off to some community/government resource. It takes an ACTUAL person willing to care, willing to walk along side and take chances that may be seen as risks. As way to affirm, encourage and breath life back into the broken dead places and parts of society and our community and to set others up for success instead of failure and to build self-esteem and value. This is what NEEDS to take place.
It is high time this community takes some responsibility for keeping the "have nots" down trodden and criminally inclined in those places! It ALWAYS "takes two to tango".
It is also quite evident society lacks the level of compassion, forgiveness, and willingness to value these human lives — all to busy with the act of dehumanizing one due to their past, an action or situation.
You can take this with a grain of salt, and continue complaining about the increasing serious breakdowns in our community. When the simple resolution comes down to what you or I are willing to do.
The time is NOW to dig deep and step out of "comfort zones." Make yourself be part of the solution and not the problem!

Kendra Peters