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Pres. Obama is in bed with the big health insurance companies

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To The Daily Sun,

Old saying that politics makes for odd bedfellows and this is surely the case between the Obama administration and all the big health insurance companies. Obama and company keep telling us all about the big bad insurance industry and how he is saving us all from them. So what's in it for the insurance companies if they are so evil? Answer is money, money and more money. They stand to double or triple profits through Obamacare. The president promised them 30 million more subscribers, paid for by your taxes. Add to that even the most modest plan on the exchange will cost most working people double what customers had been paying even for those few who qualify for a subsidy and then the huge increase in their deductibles and co-pays. Easy to see how the evil insurance companies will make out.

So what does the progressive socialists gain? Power and control over your lives, your health and welfare. Big brother is here, smiling and telling you in his smooth, soothing voice to just trust him and all will be well.
It might be wise to consider for a moment just how many of his promises he has kept before, and how many provable lies he has told us looking us in the eye with his smooth, soothing voice. Are you and will you and your children better off now and will you be next year? Six million families have lost health insurance so far and despite assurances the system is working, it isn't. No system is up and running that sends your check to the insurance companies. Failing that, there is therefore no insurance policy issued. Don't worry things could be worse, just wait it will get worse.

Steve Earle