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Please help our Moultonborough friends find their beloved 'Danny'

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To The Daily Sun,

At this time of year it is so easy to get caught up in the rush and excitement of the holidays. However, the 24 hour up-to-the-minute news channels are a constant reminder of the pain and misery of others on a global scale. While we may keep these poor souls in our prayers, and send money or other aid when we can, it is often the case that we overlook the equally devastating pain of those close to us, our neighbors and friends.
As we sit here tonight, our neighbors — our friends — are grieving the loss of their beloved dog, "Danny", who went missing on November 27th.

Danny is not just an integral part of their lives, but a lifeline of love to this couple and their other dog, "Ellie". Serious health issues are not strangers to our friends, but the disappearance of "Danny" has taken a grave toll on Kelly's health, and likely Don's as well. Our friends can't smile or send a cheery "hello" across the yard these days, and little "Ellie" no longer plays outside or eats well as she too, grieves for her constant companion.

Please help us bring "Danny" home for Christmas. He is an 8-year-old yellow Labrador and was wearing his tags on his black collar the day he disappeared from his home in Balmoral. "Danny" has "visited" Suissvale in the past and though many know "Danny", his usual friends have not seen him recently. He loves to go on long walks and play with any new friends he meets, so he may have traveled a bit of a distance in any direction.

It is a heart-wrenching pain to not know what has happened to "Danny". But with the help of a supportive and vigilant public, and animal lovers everywhere, we are hopeful that someone, somewhere will know something about "Danny". He may be wandering, lost in an unfamiliar place, he may have gotten stuck somewhere, or has been injured by someone who may be afraid to come forward. In this case we can only assure you that the joy of "Danny's" return is the only thing that matters. If "Danny" is being forced to reside with a new family, please search your heart. "Danny" loves his family and they in turn love and need him in a way that is beyond words. His return will be rewarded regardless of the reasons for his absence. Please look to your heart and conscience at this time of peace and love and bring "Danny" home. Be the instrument of a Christmas miracle. You'll be blessed and rewarded for it.
"Danny's" friends have taken up a collection of $200 for any information that leads to "Danny's" return. You may also have seen some of the flyers we have been posting anywhere that we can. If you have any information, please call Don or Kelly at 801-664-6974.
Or call and leave a message with usat 603-476-5692.
Bless you and thank you for any help you can give us.
Tom & Diane Potwin