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Trust but verify: tell us where you got this info about Chicago

To The Daily Sun,

There has been some great letters again this past week that deserve to be addressed. I have tried to write letters that are of local interest which get off in the wrong direction. I can't believe all the hate talk directed towards our president. I read the letter written by Mr. Tim French of Gilford. I am responding to his letter at his request, as in the past nave been ignored and he can't understand why. I have also put out information on the right-wing nuts that no one has an answer to.

So, first you need to explain to the folks in the Lakes Region why we should be interested in statistics from Chicago? The next thing you should explain is how all this has affected you personally? Who are you and give us the access to the sites that you got all this information from so we can check the information you have provided? To help you in getting started, you wrote, and I quote: "There are more people in Chicago on welfare than there is that work". A little hint, many folks on welfare work but fall below the poverty level. Please advise me to your source of information. I believe it was President Reagan who said trust but verify.

The next one I want to verify is and I quote: there have been more people killed in Chicago than Iraq or Afghanistan in the last six months, mostly young minorities.

I have responded to your letter as a member of the left-wing party, as you requested, so I expect you will return the courtesy. AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Henry Osmer


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