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This struck me as too good a story to ignore or keep to myself

To The Daily Sun,

We are balanced between our customary cynicism and what, for many, is a search for some redemption in this the Christmas season. Many of us get e-mails detailing the alleged wonders of the season and may wonder if the stories are grounded in reality.

Yesterday, I stopped at Quik Laundry and Cleaners on South Main Street in Laconia just in time to hear a customer thank Sara most profusely for turning in a very large sum of money which she found in the man's coat pocket. The money was the result of the combined contributions of several
family members who were sending an aged relative, a member of a religious order, on an extended trip.

This struck me as too good a story to ignore or to keep to myself. Merry Christmas!

Dick Burchell
Gilmanton Iron Works

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