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Pres. Obama offers only 'Whoa is me' despair and dependence

To The Daily Sun,

President Obama during his recent speech on growing inequality made one thing perfectly clear to those on the bottom rung of the work force. You have no chance in this greedy, capitalist society unless the nanny state bails you out. You have no chance of making it on your own, especially with the greedy one per cent not paying their fair share. His disdainful "audacity of no hope" message was said against the backdrop of an administration that has furthered the cause of crony capitalism through the increased us of surreptitious back room deals with unions and corporations. Where is the much alluded to transparency?

It is not true capitalism, but rather an incestuous form of socialist redistribution of funds. Government is only supposed to provide objective oversight of businesses. However, the growth of government only provides fraud, waste and corruption as it continues to take over the private sector rather than allowing it to thrive.

Madison Root, an 11-year-old budding entrepreneur, made it perfectly clear that she fully intends to make it on her own through hard work, creativity and the honest selling of goods and services. The nanny state bureaucrats told her otherwise. You cannot sell your mistletoe in this park in order to make a small profit to help pay for your braces they told her. However, if you would like to beg for money to buy pot or play music for a donation, well that would be just fine with us. Having grown up within a family of hard working entrepreneurs, she was aghast. It made no sense to her because she has not yet been indoctrinated into the collectivist mission of social justice and redistribution of income. Somehow, I don't think she and her family will let that happen.

How is it that an 11-year-old is able to act in a more mature and responsible manner than the President of the United States? How is it that at her tender young age, she understands why this country is so exceptional, precisely because of our ideals of liberty, industriousness and self-reliance and yet our president exudes just the opposite by minimizing those ideals? Yes I know, Barack Obama has spent his life imbibing of Marxist ideals while sharing his contempt for capitalism and our Constitution. The comparison is striking and oh so chilling since he will be in charge of this country for another three years.

Madison Root's message was received from those who appreciated her message of hope and freedom. One man ordered 30 bags of mistletoe. The owner of a Christmas tree farm in Estacada, Ken Cook, donated $1000 to her dental fund. On December 14, she plans to return to the market with more mistletoe for what she is calling the "great kissoff". The mistletoe will either be sold or given away on a "donations accepted" basis. Madison also plans on giving a speech about "making a difference". To counter the city of Portland's laws which she says "support begging and are against working".

Madison is from Lake Oswego in Oregon and offers hope for a brighter future. Our President might as well be from Lake Whoa-Is-Me as he offers despair and dependence. I think I'll check out her speech and pass on the next campaign speech of our dear leader who appears unable to actually be a real leader.

Remarkably, Madison already seems to have a grasp of what Thomas Jefferson meant when he said, "I prefer the tumult of liberty to the quiet of servitude". Margaret Thatcher implored all responsible adult citizens to be cognizant of the following: "Let's ensure that our children will have cause to rejoice that we did not forsake their freedom." Indeed that is what we must do, no matter what. Madison Root, I salute you and I respect you for it seems you have inherited the gumption of the Iron Lady. It would be my honor to meet you some day.

Russ Wiles

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