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I believe Iberdrola will work to reduce converns about wind farms

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To The Daily Sun,

I am writing to express my support for the Wild Meadow Wind Farm Project proposed for Danbury and Alexandria.

I believe that this project has many benefits. Local land owners will benefit from leasing their land as well as be able to continue using the land for their own purposes. The town will receive much needed revenue for many years that will come to help the towns' people. During construction many good jobs that local and traveling construction workers need will be available, as well as a few permanent jobs for local people with the skills to operate and maintain the turbines. The State of New Hampshire as well as the counties of Merrimack and Grafton will receive much needed revenue as well.

Renewable energy like this project is the future. As older power plants retire we will need all available sources to take their place. Iberdrola has been building these projects all over the U.S. and I believe they will do this project with much thought and pride. I took a tour of Groton Wind and was very impressed with the way that project was designed and constructed.

I realize that many people are concerned with how this project will change the landscape and impact their lives. I believe that Iberdrola will work with these people to reduce their concerns.

New Hampshire is fortunate to have many renewable resources. We have water resources that fuel hydro power plants. We have the wood resourced that fuel biomass power plants. Now we can reap the benefits of wind for power as well. The power produced by all these plants goes into the New England Power Grid. Some of this power stays local to support our load and some travels long distances to power our neighbors not only to our south but to New York and Canada as well. Power goes to where its needed and renewables are part of that mix.

I believe that this project will make a positive impact on our local economy and provide for many years to come a clean source of energy. This is an opportunity that we should not pass up.

Lenny Ryan