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We raised $470 toward funding Farmer's Market coupon program

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To The Daily Sun,

Thanks to Kevin Halligan, the staff at Laconia Local Eatery, and nearly 100 breakfast lovers, the Lakes Region Food Network is on its way to funding its Farmer's Market Coupon program in 2014. The November 30 breakfast fundraiser netted $470, while offering diners an awesome breakfast of locally sourced ingredients. For those of you who missed the breakfast at Local Eatery, Kevin hopes to host a fund-raising breakfast once a month, with proceeds going to support other local farm and food groups such as the Small and Beginning Farmers of N.H. and the Northeast Organic Farming Association-NH.
As part of the Veggie Roundup Project, the market coupons were offered to local families through our partners the Belknap County CAP program's Women, Infant, and Children's Nutrition Clinic, and the Appalachian Mountain Teen Project. Last season, the coupons enabled families to obtain fresh produce from local farmers at the Thursday outdoor market. For the 2014 season we hope to offer each family more coupons throughout the entire market season, and include vendors at the Saturday Laconia market as well. For more information about the Veggie Roundup Project, including ways you can help, please visit the Lakes Region Food Network website at www.lrfn.org, or call 528-8560.

Karen Barker
Lakes Region Food Network