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After infiltration of our schools they set out to alter our history

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To The Daily Sun,
In 1920, George Bernard Shaw commissioned a stained glass window in Surry, England. A Fabian coat of arms depicts socialism as a political wolf in sheep's clothing. Socialist pilgrims kneel in worship. The Fabian window shows two figures that resemble George Bernard Shaw and Sidney Webb wielding hammers over the globe of the planet; operating the bellows is E.R. Pease, who was the Secretary of the Fabian Society. These people have the tenacity to masquerade as reformers or liberals. Their claim of innovators is fraught with fraud. They are but reactionaries with hopes of turning society backwards with despots like Napoleon and feudal chiefs. Murder is not beyond them. Millions of deaths at their hands has attributed to their philosophy. Anything to achieve their goal. Bernard Shaw attests to that.

The Nazis, Fascist, the Argentine dictatorship under Peron and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic under the Bolsheviks were socialist governments. The media never mentions that these tyrannies were socialist and their ideology has infiltrated our universities, schools, law courts, government, churches, unions and media. Their main objective is to set up a centralized socialist dictatorship. They are but wolves in sheep's clothing. The art of deception is their trade. Their views are easily understood in magazines such as Science and Society, The Socialist Quarterly, and the Partisan Review. The History of Trade Unions by Sidney and Beatrice Webb was acclaimed by Lenin as a great "textbook" for socialistic communism.

After their infiltration of our schools they set out altering our history. Thus their early target was to infiltrate the History departments in our colleges. Fabian socialism gained favor at Harvard. Keynes at Harvard became popular. History was perverted into "social sciences" and spread to American schools. They are masters at camouflaging their objectives. Often they refer to sociology as social sciences. These deal with "human grouping", which is easy to observe in most school settings where "group cooperation" overshadows the individual capability. Sociology is the old socialist writ.

The last science the socialists bastardized was the law. And most fundamental to capturing the government. Its start was at Harvard. Harold J. Laski, Morris Cohen and Felix frankfurter were three men who orchestrated the scheme. Roscoe Pound was maneuvered into Harvard Law School where he eventually became the Dean in 1912. Frankfurter states in his autobiography that he was an excellent "Trojan Horse". Under Pound, Harvard began to teach the "socializing of the law'. Harvard indoctrinated its students that "law is a social study". Referring to it as "social jurisprudence". These men later went on to teach future Supreme Court justices. Pound credits George Howard, E.A. Ross and A.W. Small with the inspiration of his theories.

The University of Chicago established the first chair of sociology in 1892. Albion W. Small, a Fabian socialist headed that department. Lester Ward who penned "Dynamic Sociology" worked with Small to put the socialist creed in colleges under the guise of "sociology". William Graham Summer taught the first "sociology" courses At Yale from 1876-1880. Their students then fanned out to teach at Columbia, University of Chicago, Yale, Harvard and Wisconsin.

In 1920 the A.C.L.U. (American Civil Liberties Union) was formed. Felix Frankfurter had much to do in its organizing. Morris Hillquit headed the American Socialist Party and joined the ACLU. Partisans from the Communist Party, such as Elizabeth G. Flynn and William Z. Foster of the Communist Party U.S.A., were allowed to join. Director Roger N. Baldwin wrote: "We want also to look patriotic in everything we do". Baldwin helped pioneer the technique of camouflaging socialism. When Felix Frankfurter was a member of the ACLU he drew up their platform that sought protection to those who advocated violent overthrow of our government. He wrote "the advocacy of murder, unaccompanied by any act, is within the legitimate scope of free speech", also within the text included "the right of persons to advocate the overthrow of government by force and violence." Frankfurter was appointed to the Supreme Court in 1939 by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Socialized law got a foot hold over constitutional law.

John Maynard Keynes book published in 1936, "The General Theory of Employment interest and Money", didn't take long to sweep through Harvard. Mrs. Joan Robinson was a well-known international Marxist and highly regarded by Keynes collaborated on the project. Socialist economist R.F. Kahn contributed his skills in writing the book. Mrs. Robinson stated that the differences between Marx and Keynes are only verbal. In the communist journal, "Science and Society", winter, 1947, p. 61, Mrs. Robinson said, "The time, therefore, seems ripe to bridge the verbal gulf. The only real difference between the Marxian's and the Fabians is one of degree and tactics". Felix Frankfurter and Walter Lippman a Fabian who called himself a progressive were key promoters of Keynes theories. They both were friends with FDR. Over 300 0f Frankfurters students worked in strategic government posts. Following his return from Russia in late 1946, Professor Laski stated that the English socialists and Russian socialists were "approaching the same objective by different roads". Harry Dexter White, a communist agent and other socialists worked to create what Keynes favored since the 1930s — The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. In 1941 Harvard professor Alvin Hansen and Adolph Berle supported Keynes creation of a new international financial instrument to finance their agenda.

Harvard produced Alger Hiss, who was a protege of Felix Frankfurter. Frankfurter was a close friend of Professor Laski. Frankfurter was a character witness for Hiss during his trials. Dean Acheson, another protege of Frankfurter and former Secretary of State pushed for diplomatic recognition of soviet Russia. Laski wrote, "To take vast powers and legislate under them by ordinance and decree". Lord Chief Justice of England, Lord Hewart wrote in his "The New Despotism" 1929, "A mass of evidence establishes the fact that there is in existence a persistent and well-contrived system, intending to produce, and in practice producing, a despotic power which at one and the same time places government departments beyond the sovereignty of Parliament and beyond the jurisdiction of the courts". Sound familiar?

This expansion of bureaucracy aided the communist who infiltrated FDR's administration. The New Deal was Fabian inspired and offered cover for communist agents who worked into the very center of the Roosevelt Administration. FDR took his slogan "The New Deal" from Stuart Chase, an American Fabian, who wrote "A New Deal" and stated, "Socialism can be enforced by firing squads if necessary."

Alger Hiss who clerked for Felix Frankfurter at the Supreme Court was a soviet agent and member of the Ware soviet spy cell. Many of Frankfurters proteges were members of the cell. John Abt a soviet courier entered the Department of Agriculture along with other soviet agents. He worked for the federal government from 1933 until 1937, then represented communist fronts. It was Abt who Lee Harvey Oswald asked to represent him. But he could not be found.

Like a jigsaw puzzle the pieces are many and spread out. They are difficult to put into place. By connecting the dots you will find the same names keep popping up. Study your professors and their professors. Learn their ideologies. Then you might glean the problem's facing this country. Have we seen enough "fundamental changes" in our country to awaken us from our slumber?

Gene F. Danforth