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A difference of opinion does not mean that one party is just lying

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To The Daily Sun,

Have readers noticed the ongoing trend in L.J. Sidens letters? In every letter lately he brings up the "birthers", birthers this, birthers that. Funny thing, Siden is the only one I can recall in two maybe three years who continues to bring up that question. Why? I suppose it's all he has left to try to deflect readers from the lies, failures, and incompetence of the Obama administration. But you see, Siden is a true believer who has hooked his ego and credibility to a shady politician and is now desperately trying to salvage something, looking for old stories, conspiracy theories — anything to take the heat off his hero. Well too late, Obama is on another campaign-like tour telling the faithful to "get out the word" about his ACA. Problem is the word is out, all over the place, even NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NY Times, well everywhere. The word is the TRUTH, finally.
As for Obama's school records, they don't matter, except to highlight the inherent dishonesty of the man's character. I'm not calling for their release — don't care — but if he had a 3.7 gpa and all was up and up, he would have released them years ago like the braggart he is. Oh, that's my OPINION.
Another thing, what are all these "lies" I'm supposed to be telling that he keeps referring to? Can it be L.J. still, after having it explained to him many times, cannot separate the difference between a DIFFERENCE of OPINION from his own and thus has to label them "lies" like a truculent 10 year old? Yes, he and Maloof, two of a kind, true believers — any means justifies their ends.
Well good luck trying to put the cat back in the bag fellas because it's mad as you know what — and has it's claws out.
Steve Earle