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You're just going to love latest folly uncovered about Obamacare

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To The Daily Sun,

Okay, first of all, I must correct my misuse of the term "modern day liberals" because there is absolutely, positively nothing liberal about the paternalistic, socialist policies being enforced by this current lawless administration. The correct description is "progressive". That would be the maddeningly coercive and oxymoronic term used to describe the "regressive" policies that have infected all areas of our life including the media, academia, entertainment industry and of course our government. Just draw a time line from the Woodrow Wilson administration to the magnificent wrecking ball that is the Barack Obama administration, minus the pause for the Reagan revolution.

Now on to the show and the American version of Kabuki theater starring the "dear leader" himself, Barack Obama. Notice his suave, stylized movements and smooth rhetoric as he just this week assured us that the "Affordable Care Act" is working and will continue to get better. Yes, he actually said that, with squared jaw and firm resolution.

Never mind all the sticker shock of increased premiums, co-pays and deductibles, except for the very poor and those with sizable subsidies. Never mind that there will not be enough young and healthy folks signing up to pay for the costs of insuring the aged and sick and all the millions of formerly uninsured. It's new math on statistical steroids ending in a death spiral. Never mind the looming doctor and nurse shortages which will severely hamper the quality of care. Never mind the exploding medicaid roles and the increasing number of physicians who will not accept medicaid. Never mind understanding this same scenario will soon impact the medicare roles. Never mind the recent revelation that when this medical insurance monstrosity was created, there was little thought given to security concerns. Thus, caveat emptor for the buyers and caviar for the security hackers and identity thieves.

Now on to the feature presentation, "the monetary exploding exchange payment system (MEEPS)". Yes indeed, the "Improvised Exploding Device" (IED) concealed within the "Obamacare website has been discovered and it is the MEEPS. It seems, who could make this up, that the 35 percent of the website that has yet to be developed, is a way for subscribers to actually pay their insurance company. You're just gonna love this my beloved and obedient taxpayer. There is no way as yet to actually "cut the check". So technically, zero folks have officially signed up. Crony capitalism has reached new heights in hypocrisy as President Obama attempts to hit the reset button, again. "Private sector velocity and effectiveness" is most important at the back end where the sale is completed and payment is rendered. Guess the "Signature Achievement Man" (SAM) didn't understand that when he said the website was now working with the same speed and efficiency as the private sector. Just let the sad irony of that government versus private sector comparison sink in for a moment. And then come January, February and March, close your eyes, cover your ears and jump into a deep foxhole before opening up any government/ insurance company mail packages.

You see, in it's infinite wisdom, the government has created an illusion that people can pay for their health insurance and just let the insurance companies and the government figure out how much we should have to pay and everything will be hunky dory. As Meagan Kelly just found on on the eve of December 4th, according to the Reuters news service, the following is the progressive, central planners wondrous plan of action: (1) the insurance companies will just go ahead and estimate what they think is a reasonable fee for service; (2) the feds will go ahead and cut them a big fat check; (3) and then at some point down the road, they supposedly will get around to figuring out what the actual amount should really be and adjust accordingly. When this IED explodes next year, the shrapnel covering the countryside will create severe pain and suffering.

Would the progressive bureaucrats of utopian fantasy land pay for a product in this delusional, rife with potential fraud and waste method? Of course not. But when they can just use our money, the skies the limit. Hey, but a small price to pay to create equality for the masses right? Never mind that a NY Times study found that between 2009 and 2011 income inequality grew four times faster than under George W. Bush, according to Jonah Goldberg. Jonah calls the ACA, "Slimcare" and says, "it seems like a smashing success so long as the results don't matter, just like slim liberalism". Or as I prefer to call it, "slim progressivism". A recurring theme of socialism rears it's ugly head once again. Good intentions are what matter. Positive results that actually provide an improved quality of life for tax paying citizens, not so much.

Just you wait for the next progressive "IED". That will be the earth shattering explosion poised to ignite next November when the employer mandate takes effect. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Kathleen Sebelius and of course Barack (SAM) Obama will have been outed as the real terrorists, arsonists and plunderers of the poor and middle class. That's because Obamacare is not about improved health care. It is about power and control and soft tyranny. Geez, could that be why conservative, tea party types want to repeal this really bad law?

Russ Wiles