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Learn what it takes in wages to live in this state without help

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To The Daily Sun,

The past month has produced some very entertaining letters. The existence of L.J.Siden has all the right-wing bullies upset because they can't figure out who or where he is. The letters he and others who lean to the left have written have been welcome by me and others who don't have the writing skills needed to express our thoughts; we write with words everyone understands. A person would need a dictionary and a week to look up their words of hate and discontent.

It has to be clear that Mr. Ewing, Mr. Boutin, Mr. Meade and others who complain about everything do NOT offer one solution to what they have a problem with. I personally have no idea who these gentlemen are or even if they exist. What I do know is they appear to be well educated. UPPER middle class who may well have been born with silver spoons in their mouth, and most likely never had a job that wearing gloves and getting dirty was required. I will ask them this question that they failed to answer when I asked it a couple months ago: have you asked what you can do for your country? I guess I should ask, what have you done for this country that you hate so much that could benefit the country as a whole?

I will in another letter explain the problem I ran into and explain how the situation remains the same today as it did in 1978. A letter written in the Tuesday, Dec. 2 Daily Sun by Ms. Colleen Garrity should be a wake up call to everyone of the situation many folks in the Lakes Region find themselves in. I suggest everyone google "nh minimum wage 1978" and read sites telling what it takes in wages to live in this state without assistance.

Henry Osmer