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They turn a blind eye to desperate needs of the working poor

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To The Daily Sun,
This letter comes at a sad time in our state's history. New Hampshire Republicans seem to have become the personification of Ebenezer Scrooge. At this time of the year we all recall the story "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens which takes place in Victorian England.
We remember that Ebenezer was a miser and determined to keep all the money he made — with no conscience and no concern for his community's poor who desperately struggled to provide their family with life's basic needs such as food, clothing or adequate shelter .
Of course, we also know that at that time there was no such thing as health insurance or for that matter good medical care. We get to know Bob Cratchit and his needy family; including their very endearing son Tiny Tim. We find out that Tiny Tim is a cripple with major health issues and that without proper care he doesn't have much chance of surviving past his childhood.
Cratchit works for Scrooge, putting in long hours for little pay and no bennies. This story is set in the Christmas season.
And by a convenient coincidence, we too find ourselves in the season of Christmas. Can we draw any parallels between what happens in Dickens' work of fiction with our present day?
Well... let's see. There are many people in New Hampshire who are need of food, clothing, shelter and expanded Medicaid. We have some members of our Legislature who don't feel that it is their duty to expand health care benefits for these struggling people. Why?
Could it be that they want to control where the budget is spent while they turn a blind eye to the desperate needs of our citizens who we classify as the working poor and to our neighbors who suffer from physical or mental disabilities?
This time of year is a season for dreams. Could a miracle take place in this season of peace and joy? Could we see our legislators perform that miracle? Could we?
We can only hope that our Republican state legislators don't have to be visited by "ghosts" of Christmas past, present and future in order to get the message in their hearts and minds that they need to do the right thing, which is also the good and the smart thing.
Come on, our elected officials, show us that you have the will power to do the right thing for those in our state, who at the very least deserve expanded Medicaid now. You (and you know who you are) don't want to be known as the clones of Ebenezer Scrooge —or do you?

Bernadette Loesch,