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My health insurance cost will go from $700 to $1,400 a month

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To The Daily Sun,

The end justifies the means, really?

In response to George Maloof's letter on Friday 11/29:

Professor Maloof stated; "most health policies were crappy and downright criminal". Since I assume professor Maloof receives his health care courtesy of the taxpayers, I doubt he actually studied the cost and benefits of the various health insurance policies available to the non-taxpayer supported worker. I don't consider my health insurance policy to be crappy. It provides me and my wife with adequate affordable coverage (without taking money from other taxpayers). The only thing criminal about it is now my premium will go from $700 to $1,400 per month, but this is not the fault of the insurance company. It's because people like George think someone else besides himself should pay or subsidize the insurance premiums for 40 million other people.

I find it troubling that he acknowledges; "the current administration knowingly deceived the citizens" and then justifies the "slight of hand" by stating that these lies didn't cause us to go to war (maybe not with another country, but what about the class war started by this administration?) I find it frightening that someone who has had our children in his classroom believes that our government should deceive the citizens to achieve its goals. I wonder how many young minds were shaped by this professor's warped school of thought? By the looks of it, some of his past students are already in Washington D.C..

Dennis Robitaille