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With regard to Obamacare & lying: the end justifies the means

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The The Daily Sun,

Have you noticed lately that insurance companies have become the darling of the masses? Seems like just yesterday that we all used to complain about them as being evil personified — and for good reason. Most health policies were, to be generous, crappy and downright criminal not to mention the reason for many bankruptcies in this country. Along comes Obama who accomplished what five presidents before him couldn't do and gave us health care that "almost" puts us in line with the rest of the civilized world. Okay, so it took some fancy slight of hand to accomplish it. I don't think either political party seriously believes this is going to be repealed. And in a few years when Obamacare has undergone many revisions and improvements, no politician will ever dare to bring up the subject again.
This country is a mere 229 years old (if you count from the Declaration of Independence) and even younger than that if you start with the Constitution. In other words, compared with many other countries, we are still in the adolescent stage. As such we exhibit all the virtues and vices attributed to this volatile time in life. Yes, we are generous than most but we are also impetuous and violent to the point that it has become a part of our DNA. We're not happy to make war on other countries (mostly smaller) but we make "war on poverty" and "war on cancer". Perhaps it's time to make up some new metaphors?
Remember George Zimmerman, the murderer who gunned down the teenager and got away with it? He became the darling of the "fringe" set. If you've kept up with this whacko you'll know that since that time he has pulled a gun on three other people (mostly women) and has had several brushes with the law. I don't think the fringe will be bringing him up anytime soon. I just hope Santa doesn't try to go down his chimney. Merry Christmas Santa — bang bang.
But I digress. Back to Obamacare. In the final analysis, "the end justifies the means". I really try to attribute good motives to our presidents . Trying to ease the burden of 40 million people and give them a decent chance in life in spite of all the Republican opposition to me is honorable. One contributor wrote recently: "Every day we are being informed that the current administration knowingly deceived the citizens". Another example of adolescence. Welcome to the real world. Imagine that. Politicians deceiving the public. Gee, one would think that our president was deceiving us to go to war in Iraq. Oh, that was another president. For some I guess the first 50 years of childhood are the hardest.
Happy Holidays to all my Libertarian, Tea Party and Republican friends out there — all two of them.

George Maloof