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We must wrest ourselves from the purveyors of war and violence

To The Daily Sun,

The first and most successful way to drain the federal coffers is to continue to invent stories about terrorist threats from Middle-Eastern countries. Consider: these small impoverished countries cannot straighten out their own messes to be a real menace to anyone. War, that we have sustained for 12 years, is based upon phony information we are fed year after year. It has all the markings of what happened in Nazi Germany by a man named Goebbels, who told the Germans that Poland was a threat, leading to an invasion and subjection of the Poland people and the start of World War 2.
Do you realize the amount of precious lives we have committed, the money we have spent, the time, technology and resources that have we wasted killing men, women and children who are considered expendable by the military? (Whose armed soldiers carry out their orders, as they are expected to do.) These soldiers have given dedicated and honorable service only to be misused and corrupted by deceitful politicians in Washington.
Realize this significant number: We (the war-mongers and war profiteers) have spent enough money in these wars to pay for Medicare for the next 10 years! And to note, the Navy has built another aircraft carrier making it the 12 in service. Who needs carries with the fleet of planes we have. (Another shoddy deal!) And it has a three billion dollar over-run on building costs.
We must wrest ourselves from the purveyors of war and violence. We must reclaim are moral heritage. We must erase the image of being the most destructive military on earth. Meet your responsibility straight on.

Leon R Albushies

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