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We are back to the me & mine concept to the exclusion of the needy

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To The Daily Sun,

As a rule I like to stay above the fray as far as letters to the editor is concerned. I do, however, read both sides of the rancorous debates that rage in The Laconia Sun. I will now try to give both sides some instruction and advice.

The word humane has a variety of connotations. It implies membership in the so called human race. That membership requires us, as humans, to have compassion and a certain amount of benevolence toward others of our race. To make that work, you have to recognize that there is only one human race.

What do all members have in common? We are all born, live and die. As a result, we must seek to stay alive until its time for us to die. Our first need is for sustenance which is or should be provided by our parents. That is not always possible for a number of reasons. So we, as the human race, must or should care for the needy members. The question that begs an answer is: who or how many of us are to shoulder that caring responsibility? Other than food, what other needs do each of us have. In nature, it is the survival of the fittest. At some point in our evolution, humans stepped away from that concept and became able to love and care for those beyond their immediate offspring family. They formed religious codes and laws of governance. Relationships took on national characteristics. As the circle grew, so did the potential conflicts.

And now, we find that we have come full circle. We are back to the me and mine concept to the exclusion of the needy. Some of us go on the attack. Many times it occurs within the family unit itself. Drifting apart is a natural occurrence as children grow older and achieve independence. That is the natural way of families. Rejection is not the natural way.

What I see in the letters to The Sun is position taking and posturing. I also see denigration of others and their views. Vicious ill will and malicious attacks have become common in the letters. Both are detrimental to settling issues between two sides that should be seeking the best solution. Solution of conflicts requires compromise and a commitment to make that compromise be fair to all.

So, what is the "common good?" I submit that the regular writers are of average intelligence and most of them are humane. Rather than ranting and raving about the oppositions point of view, pick a topic and offer your solution. Maybe the editor could publish the topic of the week or month and invite solution letters. At the end of the month or what ever period of time seems appropriate, all those who have submitted could vote on the best solution as submitted. After the letter writers have had a chance to rank the solution letters the general public could be given a chance to weigh in on line to give the writers a chance to find out how much appeal their ideas have.
Bill Dawson