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People are already raving about the New Hampton Fitness Trail

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To The Daily Sun,

The verdict is in! While only the basic ground work (path defined) is done and culverts installed for the New Hampton Nature-Fitness Trail, enthusiasts are raving about it and one, who has walked it several times, said "we never thought it would be so beautiful." Bob Barry, engineer, and in charge, is lining up volunteers for the fitness-station installations and willing persons are asked to leave their names at the Town Office, 744-3559. R. P. Williams of Bristol is contributing post cement as needed and Selectman Neil Irvine has his trusty powered post-hole digger wound up, so the "Citizens Committee is much relieved to see this movement," said Nancy Conkling, committee member. . . but cautions "don't expect too much as the snows are coming, but a good start, we'll do."

"Just this week a study bolstered the reasons for the trail originally," Pat Schlesinger, also of the committee said: LRGH's Healthy Communities, Dr Susan Lynch's efforts against childhood obesity and DRED's concern for outdoor activities for the young/elderly, and the latest is the American Heart Association's report of studies that say today's children are 15 percent less fit than their parents. They explain the problems most likely stem from too much TV watching, playing video games and not enough options for outdoor activity. Not any more in New Hampton!! ... and the committee is hoping to provide for ADA accessibility."

Patricia P Schlesinger
New Hampton