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To our dear colleague Ray Burton: rest in peace; you deserve it

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To The Daily Sun,
New Hampshire's North Country has lost a very special person. Those under 55 will remember always seeing Ray Burton's name on the ballot. We just knew Ray was the one who could do the job right — everyday, for everyone, and for almost any cause or need. He did it with compassion, friendship, and the certainty of knowing who could get him the answer. Many of us contacted Ray over the years and, with a mind like a Rolodex for names, he would inquire "how is your son?", "how about that new baby?", or "how is your mother doing?", and "take my card and call me anytime." He ALWAYS got back to you. Ray was everywhere — in either his bright yellow convertible or the Mercury with number "1" on the plate. Whether a potluck supper in Warren, a special hearing in Colebrook, a washed out road in Lebanon, or a fund-raiser for a needy family in Piermont — Ray was there!
Our region has been privileged to have Ray watching our backs for so many years — 35 years as Executive Councilor and 23 years as a Grafton County Commissioner in District #2. This is surely a record for any office holder in New Hampshire! He would have hoped that his successor would carry the same passion for the North Country with its special issues and needs. Whoever replaces him should take a look at his record and remember that he helped everyone, regardless of where they lived, how they voted, or what they needed to have done. What a legacy to leave us all.
To our dear colleague, may you rest in peace — you deserve it!
With our utmost respect and sympathy to Ray's family,
The Plymouth Area Democrats

Louis R. Lieto, Groton