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What is now the protocol for a visit to Lakes Region General Hospital?

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To The Daily Sun,

I'm confused. . . with this all new switching around of care by the hospitals, doctors, and incoming Obamacare, what is the protocol for a visit to LRGH; be it the walk-in clinic, or the ER? I recently heard that you couldn't be seen in the WIC if you're vomiting and are then sent to the ER, but at the ER if you don't have insurance, or $150 or even $1,500 you can't be seen and they send you home telling you to see your own doctor or sign up for Medicaid, with no medicine or prescriptions given.

I was always under the impression that you were seen, made comfortable, given some meds to get you through UNTIL you could see your doctor and not based on your ability to pay. I understand that the ER is not your primary care provider and they can only stabilize and give care and comfort. However, If someone from LRGH would be willing to respond or perhaps talk with a reporter who could enlighten the entire community on this new protocol, I would appreciate it, and then perhaps, they wouldn't be bothered by the uninsured sick people of the area from seeking help.

Judi Leavitt