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I'm sure 'In God We Trust' was placed on our currency for a reason

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To The Daily Sun,

By no means am I a public speaker, and furthermore I lack eloquence and am often times ignorant and foolish, too!
I'm learning to exercise my thoughts, convictions (not to be confused with my record!), and experiences in a public manner as to provoke thoughts, I'm pretty good at provoking things I'm told. . . hehehee

So I begin this session by stating that, "CHANGE on a national level, begins with me and you." or is that you and I?! At any rate: THIS IS WHERE IT STARTS.

Once we as a nation truly understand that concept as individuals, it is my belief that the bigger issues will fall into place? (Is that one big run on sentence?)

So the idea is "How can I get the ball rolling in my community," so it affects local change? Then the domino effect is initiated. Moving on to state, federal, and national change. If that's the proper order?
It seems as though so much time and energy is spent wanting to CHANGE the wrong things. Such as concepts, precepts and pretty much everything else! These things are not collectively possible unless it begins with ourselves as individuals.

Although a lot of CHANGE has occurred over the last number of decades, it does NOT seem to be inducing, or producing the positive CHANGES "We the people" are so desperately in NEED of. . .

There are many age old principals that were set in place long ago. They are overlooked in this present day.

The first one I would like to bring attention to is " ONE NATION UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE, WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL." This IS OUR Pledge (promise/vow) of Allegiance(oneness,unity). Our country was founded on this. . . Over the years this principal that was set (as the precedence for under which unity falls) has de-evolved, diminished and definitely has been corrupted. As selfish concepts, wants, likes or dislikes take over. I'm saddened to see that precedence's now are based on what feels good, or what we like?
Let's be real, "what seems good is NOT always what is RIGHT, and what one likes cannot be confused with what the need is for love." These standards have been removed from our schools, courts, and lifestyles in general. Freedom, justice and unity are attained under the precepts, principals and laws of God (NOT to be confused with God!) and as we began as a country WE THE PEOPLE FELL UNDER HIM! We wonder why there are such major problems on our hands? Don't get me wrong I get "life happens", believe me I do. I know full well about not having control over outside circumstances coming in and disrupting already hard circumstances. In that CHANGE still comes down to me, and taking responsibility for that which I allow to run my life.

What is it going to take for us to come back to the "meat and potatoes," of what our country was non-coincidentally founded on?

It is evident that CHANGE on a larger scale, begins with me and re-enforcing the fundamental principals in my life that have and always will make this country great. That will get the ball started, but it has to be more than that. The issue of being "ONE" and "UNDIVIDABLE" or unified and unbreakable is imperative too, as " A HOUSE DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF, WILL NOT STAND."

DIVISION is in our homes, streets, schools, work places, courts, churches and governing principals.
We can tit-for-tat all day long, and point the finger as you may also see its not getting us where we need to be. Except for further from our roots and what so grounded our country and ourselves as individuals. . .

Another principal our country was founded on: "IN GOD WE TRUST." We see this standard pass our eyes on a daily basis, without even giving it a second thought. I'm sure it was placed on our currency system for a reason! As it has been said, "Money the root of all evil." Perhaps is was meant to be a warning to the people so regularly using it? I'm sure again that it was no coincidence that is was strategically placed on our money, because it reminds us of what our country was rooted and grounded in. As well as while utilizing our currency, we should be reminded of the principals under which we are to use it for! Perhaps any deviation from that would then create problems? The financial issues of this country come as no surprise to me. . . .

The breakdown is not only that which we fight for, but under that which we are fighting. Of course these are just a few examples, hoping just to provoke thoughts. .  .

Kendra Peters