When is this assault on Belmont property taxpayers going to stop?

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To The Laconia Daily Sun,

As we know the Belmont tax rate went up again! When will it stop? We always hear the budget is low and we are out of money or borrowing. Since the 80s, it's been the same old thing. But they don't want us to assume its the school which is usually a topic, where is all the money going then?

As hard working taxpayers I'm speaking for all of us. When it is going to stop? They wonder why foreclosures and houses are up for sale. Maybe they can make more use of the school like Laconia does and adult education. I would recommend a budget course, and other activities to benefit the town to bring the moral up. Right now a lot of people are negative wondering if they can afford to pay their mortgages next month. Welcome to Taxmont!

Kevin Chubbuck