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Playing field has to level between haves & have nots of Obamacare

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To The Daily Sun,
As long as Obamacare bears the same name as a sitting president it will never be repealed. Because it cannot be repealed it needs to be amended and soon to prevent further damage to the people it is effecting.
In order for it to work the political corruption that has been built into it through waivers and wiggle room have to go. The waivers given to Unions and big business need to be repealed immediately.
The large increases people are seeing on their cancellations are caused by the amount of people expected to join the exchanges and the taxes on the existing plans.
The unions are providing Cadillac plans that should be paying a 40 percent tax on their policies and they are exempt from the law leaving the rest of us to pick up their tab. These are auto workers, Teamsters, teachers, state workers, police, and construction workers in large cities. Millions of high wage, big benefit workers who are laughing at the rest of us for being a bunch of chumps
This of course is not to mention our politicians, Ayotte, Shea-Porter, Shaheen, and Kuster. They and their staffs are exempt.
They need to declare that they will waive their exemption and join Obamacare and then repeal their exemption.
The playing field has to level.
The anti-kickback provision that is in every federal contract was removed from the law, allowing the President and HHS secretary to trade favors for waivers. This has to go; it invites corruption.
I have repeatedly heard that for the law to work they need millions of young healthy workers 21 to 29 to join the exchanges. If this is so than why in God's name did they make the policies cover children until they are 26 years old.
The rules causing all these cancellations needs to be fixed. The government will still get the policy tax that every non exempt policy pays.
The cronyism needs to go and the president needs to tell his friends they are no better than anyone else and for the greater good we must all bear this burden equally.
If they get everyone paying their share this law may have a chance to succeed and the cost will go down. Without these reforms the people who have to comply will do so begrudgingly feeling like they are being used as tools for the politicians and their friends.
I do.

James Edgar