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Pack & Troop 68 will be celebrating 75th Anniversary on Sunday

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To The Daily Sun,
Thank you, to the citizens and businesses of Laconia and the Lakes Region! Boy Scout Troop and Cub Scout Pack 68 has had some hard moments recently. It has been the whirlwind of gracious and kind acts by so many that have helped us smile through it.

The best news is that our Scout Hut will be up and running again very soon! Our boys will be able to "come home" to their hut and continue to follow their path through scouting in the building built for them. Please know that there will never be enough words to thank all of you for the support and assistance you have given us.

In just the past year, Troop 68 has had three young men make Eagle. Boys and troop leaders have given over 200 hours of community service to local organizations (Got Lunch! Laconia and the WOW Trail) and local citizens (leaf raking, wood staking and various other odd jobs). They have slept in cold weather, wet weather, very hot weather and perfect weather. They have climbed mountains, raised flags, pitched tents, and collected food. The Peace Light was brought and shared and people were served a lot of pancakes! We intend to increase all of these activities and hope to add more in the coming year. We look forward to giving back to you, Laconia!

As we come to the end of this exciting year we come to a very distinctive milestone. This year we are celebrating 75 years of scouting in Laconia! It's tough to imagine how many boys in this city have a connection to this troop. I often wonder who they are and where they are today? Are they here, in Laconia? Have they traveled the world? What do they remember from their years with 68? Did it help them in anyway in their adult lives? What would they tell our current boys to encourage them to continue in scouting?

We have met a handful of people who were members but we would love to meet even more! This Sunday, Nov. 24 from noon at 3 p.m. at the Norman J. Tourigny, Scout Hut, located behind Holy Trinity School off of Church Street in Laconia, Troop 68 will celebrate its 75 years of service to this wonderful city and its young men. If you were associated with this troop in any way; a scout, a leader, a parent, a committee member, at any time and would like to share memories (in picture form or in words) please stop by and say hello! If you would like to visit the scout hut and learn a little more about scouting in Laconia, stop in! We look forward to meeting you!

Thank you Laconia!

Tara Shore
Committee Chair, Troop 68